The institute focuses on imparting knowledge to aspiring managers that transcends classroom teaching and persists when they step into the corporate world. Sponsoring an institute activity or the education of a student can enable you to engage with a diverse audience with rich rewards.

Sponsor an Event:

        There are myriad activities that are conducted throughout the year to help students engage in diverse projects. You can partner an event with TIMSR and it shall allow you to: 

  1. create a memorable brand experience
  3. tell a story and/or create a meaningful relationship
  5. inject personality into your brand
  7. showcase world-class products
  9. generate revenue off the back of the event.


        -TIMSR FEST
        -Social Responsibility Cell
        - Management Development Programmes
        -International/ National Conference
        - Conclave
        - Business Summit
        - International Associations & Events

Sponsor a Student:

         Very few things give greater joy than empowering someone to become self reliant and successful. Join hands with us in furthering our objective of spreading joy through knowledge and sponsor the education of a worthy student.

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