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E-Lab - 2013-14  

MOODLES, A Thakur Institute of Management Studies and Research an Entrepreneurship Development Cell initiative. The venture was started on the 23rd July, 2013, by the current batch of students, Varun Saraogi and Suraj Yadav. The students were the winners of the Business-plan competition at the Institute level.

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Contact for E-Cell

  • Email: timsr.tcci@thakureducation.org
  • Faculty-In-Charge: Mr. Jai Kotecha, Ms. Reema Shah

Entrepreneurship Week 2013

TIMSR, in association with National Entrepreneurship Network, organized Entrepreneurship Week 2013 from 5th to 15th February 2013. The theme for this year’s E-Week was ‘Innovations for India’. A gamut of activities was conducted to build public awareness and support for entrepreneurship, encouraging students to reflect on their role as leaders and job creators for a better tomorrow. The flagship event of the year was Start-up Showcase that gave a nice platform to students to comprehend the mechanics of a business venture thereby enabling them to take off on their own entrepreneurial journey as well as associate with some start-ups and contribute to their growth. Some such companies that were on campus included Ion Education Pvt. Ltd., Edstrings, Aasha Realtors, Investor Shoppe Consultancy Ltd. (Kandy Valley), Bombay Button and Beautykafe. Another highlight of E-Week was Koshish - an Exhibition for a Cause, which was organised with the objective of providing growth opportunities to the bottom of the pyramid. It was supported by International Resources for Fairer Trade (IRFT). A Panel Discussion was conducted on the theme ‘Cut the Crap’ which dealt with the common pitfalls of entrepreneurship and ways of bypassing them. The week saw students creatively engaged in myriad activities like E-school, 2 Minutes Pitch-In for Student Ventures, Family Business Showcase, Winners’ Voyage, Planners, Street Plays and E-Games. The week came to a close with a talk by the famous ad film maker, and entrepreneur Mr Prahlad Kakar who inspired the students to break free from all and sundry to chase their dreams. Mr. Gaurav Shah - MD & CEO, De Group (Singapore) who actively invests in start-ups also enlightened the students. In the recent past, Mr. Suhas Gopinath - a young entrepreneur also visited to recount his success story.