Orientation Program – MMS Sem II, Batch (2021-23) 

TIMSR organized an orientation session for the students of MMS Sem II (Batch 2021-23) on 4th July, 2022. The programme consisted of various activities and commenced with DMS and HTTC sessions conducted by Mr. Gunwant Awasthi(Asst.Professor). Dr. Pankaj Natu(Director-TIMSR) enlightened students on the Vision, Mission, Values, Program Educational Objectives (PEO) and Program Outcomes (PO) of the Institute. He further emphasized on the ethical practices to be followed in one’s personal and professional life.

Dr. Rekha Singh(Associate Professor) briefed the students on the code of conduct to be followed during offline sessions. The program continued with orientation by Ms. Richal Tuscano(Asst.Professor), Dr. Charu Upadhyaya(Asst.Professor), Ms. Reema Shah(Asst.Professor) and Dr. Vishal Sandanshive (Associate Professor) to provide a brief on the plan of action for the upcoming semester, Semester II – Courses, Teaching Pedagogy, KSA etc.

A session on Summer Internship Project (SIP) Mentoring was taken by Dr. Shebazbano Khan(Asst. Professo)r wherein students were given an understanding about SIP report formats. In addition to it, Ms.Natasha Thaker & the Placement team oriented students on the Placement Policy and guided students for the preparation of placements.

The program concluded with a Question & Answer session followed by a vote of thanks.