Thakur Institute of Management Studies and Research (TIMSR) Thakur Institute of Management Studies and Research (TIMSR)

Blockchain Revolution

A Webinar on “How to make the best of the coming BLOCKCHAIN Revolution” was conducted on October 26, 2018 in FINTECH Lab no 411 for the team of 15 students and the webinar highlighted that the first generation of the digital revolution brought us the Internet of information. The second generation—powered by Blockchain technology—is bringing us the Internet of value: a new, distributed platform that can help us reshape the world of business and transform the old order of human affairs for the better. Blockchain is the ingeniously simple, revolutionary protocol that allows transactions to be simultaneously anonymous and secure by maintaining a tamper-proof public ledger of value. Though it’s the technology that drives bitcoin and other digital currencies, the underlying framework has the potential to go far beyond these and record virtually everything of value to humankind, from birth and death certificates to insurance claims and even votes.