Learning Resource Center(LRC)

Digital Library

Digital Library:

    Digital library is to provide the students a place to access subscribed online resources like ProQuest ABI Global Management Collection, KNIMBUS, Ace Equity and EBSCO e-books. Students can also access Institutional Repository which is available on LAN (Intranet) i.e. soft copy of previous years Question papers, Syllabus and Projects, from digital library.

Digital Library Rules:
  • i. Students must make entry in the register before using the digital resources.

  • ii. Students are not allowed to download / copy / e-mail digital resources without prior permission of librarian or library staff.

  • iii. Students are not allowed to take CDs outside the digital library

  • iv. Students can only access electronic resources like ProQuest, EBSCO E-Books, KNIMBUS and Ace Equity, NPTEL, SWAYAM and such other educational Websites as mentioned on the institute‚Äôs website under LRC (Library), e-resources.

Note:Students must comply with the library rules failing which they may be excluded from the library use or incur a fine or strict action will be taken against them.