Thakur Institute of Management Studies and Research (TIMSR) Thakur Institute of Management Studies and Research (TIMSR)


    On the onset of Navratri, TIMSR decided to celebrate the festival in an engaging way. There was a Business Quiz and Business Debate organized, followed by Garba Night. The event was planned on 9th October 2018.

    The Business Quiz began with the questioning round in which seven teams emerged victorious. Two teams were awarded for their quick wit and awareness.

    During the Business Debate participants had to discuss opposing viewpoints in a regulated environment. The participants discussed major trending topics like #MeToo, Ban on Animal Testing and Artificial Intelligence. They also discussed in depth the Existence of God, Use of Smartphones in Classrooms and Relevance of Moral Values in Social Groups. The monitored discussions resulted in commending two participants.

    The events came to an end and the night was taken over by DJ Dastan who led the students and teachers in an energetic spin to the tunes of Garba. The colourful and vibrant clothing adorned by everyone added to the zing of the day. Whether dancers or non-dancers, everyone made sure to make the most of this entertaining night. Happiness and cheer loomed in the air as friends and well-wishers parted ways to their homes.