Library Rules

General rules:

Students are requested to maintain silence in the library.

Consumption of food, except drinking water is strictly prohibited.

Use of any electronic audio material (Mobile Phone) is strictly prohibited in the library.

Students should not touch any electric equipment in the library without prior permission of the librarian.

Students must keep the bags and folders on the luggage racks after entering the library. The library is not responsible in case of damage to or theft of the belongings of the students kept in the library.

Students are not allowed to sit in the library/discussion room while lectures are going on.

Students are requested to use the library materials and furniture very carefully without causing damage.

The use of mobile phones in the library is strictly prohibited. Phones should be either switched off or set to silent mode.


Issue-return related rules:

Students should carry their TIMSR library cards to use the library, and must produce it when required to do so by the library staff.

Students must deposit the book card at the circulation counter before taking the book. 

The holder of the membership card is responsible for the books borrowed on it.

Book will be issued on the submission of the library membership card by the concerned member only.

Students should check the books while receiving them from the library.

Students are not allowed to take issued book in the Library Stack Room.

Students should make entry of the book taken on reference or home loan basis in the register maintained near the stack room.

Books can be re-issued by presenting them physically, if there is no claim from the other students.

Students will get one book issued on the library membership card for home lending for 14 days after which fine will be charged for overdue period.

Fine for overdue period will be Rs.5 /- per day for first 7 days after the due date, Rs.10/- per day from 8th to 14th day and thereafter Rs.15/- per day.

Fine should be paid along with the book after due date.

The Book issue-return time will be as per the library timings.

Books on overnight basis will be issued after 6.00 p.m. and should return back next day before 9.15 a.m. Student who will return the book after given time will be charged Rs. 10/- per day.

Writing or marking in library books is strictly prohibited.

Students must not take Xerox from bound library books.

Students will have to place one day prior request for books on which are shifted on.4th floor, Research Center. The list is displayed near the circulation counter in the reading room.

Question Papers, Newspapers, CDs, Journal and Magazines on display are meant for reference purpose only.

Project Reports are not allowed to be taken outside the Library premises.


Digital Library Rules:

Students must make entry in the register before using the digital resources.

Students are not allowed to download / copy / e-mail digital resources without prior permission of librarian or library staff.

Students are not allowed to take CDs outside the library. They can access the same only in Digital Library.

Students can only access electronic resources like EBSCO, J-Gate, Dion, CMIE and other educational Websites as mentioned on the institute’s website under LRC (Library), e-resources.

Students must comply with the library rules failing which they may be excluded from the library use or incur a fine or strict action will be taken against them.


Guidelines of Alumni Membership (Library)

Students are required to deposit Rs.500 (Refundable) for the home-issue of the book  i.e one book for a period of 30 days.

Alumni Members are requested to show a Bar Coded Library Membership card to the concerned staff while entering the library.

Only books from general collection are issued to the members. Reference books, journals      (current issues), reports, standards, theses, CDs, DVDs are not issued to the Alumni Members.

Member shall be responsible for the library card issued to him/her. Loss of the card should be reported immediately to the Librarian in writing. Duplicate card will be issued on payment of     Rs.100 /-

Members should check the book thoroughly for missing pages, chapters, pictures etc while borrowing the book and report the matter to the Circulation staff. In case the book is damaged or lost by the member, he/she has either to replace the book with a new copy or to  pay for the cost of the book at the prevailing market price with additional charge as determined by the Librarian.

The borrowed books have to be returned within 30 days. In case of books returned after due date, The late fee will be charged at the prevailing rates.

Fine for overdue will be Rs.5 /- per day for one month thereafter Rs.10 /- per day.

Members desiring to discontinue their membership can do so by:
Returning the  book borrowed by them
Clearing all dues, if any
Returning library membership card.