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Learning & Resource Center

    The LRC is visualized as the Heart of any Institute. Thus, the LRC is well stocked with latest editions of Books, Reference Books, E-Books, Encyclopedia, Periodicals and Audio- Video Educational CDs spanning the entire spectrum of management subjects. Facilities have also been provided for the documentation of articles and news items in various magazines, journals and newspapers. The LRC measuring 381 Sq. mtr comprises a spacious and well - lit reading hall that provides stimulating ambience for studying. A reference section provides enough material for more inquisitive and inquiring minds. Management education is basically sharing of experiences and discussions. The LRC also provides OPAC facilities to the students that enable on-line access of the catalogue.

  • The Key Sections of LRC are :
    Stack Room : Here the collection of the LRC is preserved. The books are arranged subject wise by providing each subject with separate cupboard. The Dewey decimal classification number is assigned to each book.


  • Reading Room : The reading room of the LRC is airy, spacious and well furnished. The capacity of the room is for 132 students at a time. In the same room LRC is preserving Journals, Magazines and Newspapers.

  • Ideation Rooms: ​Group discussion helps students to share ideas. The LRC Annex provides the students with such suitable seating arrangement to enable the student to harness and develop their group discussion skills. The hall provides the right ambience for discussions in small groups of 5-6 students.

  • Digital Library: This is the extension of the  LRC where ten terminals are provided to the students.​ Here the students can access online database like ProQuest Management Collection, DION – Insight and J-Gate. All students can access the soft copy of the projects submitted in the past.