Samvedna (Social Responsibility Cell)

Samvedna 2012-2013

    Feel it… Heal it.
    In today’s scenario ‘Sustainability’ as a word has assumed great significance in every aspect whether it is organizational growth or productivity. The orientation towards sustainable value in terms of human, social, environmental, and economic capital is at the heart of the Corporate Social Responsibility In such times, organizations can achieve success only when all sections of society are taken together to bring about an inclusive growth.

    We, at TIMSR, have taken a step forward in this direction by initiating a social responsibility cell“Samvedna- Feel it… Heal it”. With the motive of finding solutions to the numerous problems existing in the society today. Through ‘Samvedna’ our institution would always remain proactive on social issues.

    The cell was inaugurated by Mr. Vinay Shetty, Vice President of Think Foundation on 26th October, 2009 and following initiatives have been undertaken for the A.Y. 2012-13 so far:

    A.Y. 2012-13

    Joy of Giving: August 2012
    The students involved in this event tried to collect old clothes, toys and newspapers from the students, staff and faculty members of TIMSR. The response was overwhelming and students managed to collect over 2500 items in a span of 2 weeks. This event was followed by ‘Day of Change’ where monetary support was accepted. The items and money collected through this activity served as a resource for all other activities and were donated to various NGOs’, orphanages and old age homes.

SHRAMDAAN: August 2012
An activity called “Shramdaan” was conducted in nearby villages to sensitize the villagers about the importance of cleanliness and hygiene. Students helped clean the water reservoir for the villagers.

ESOP: August 2012
Our students together with ‘Employee Social Option Programme’ of Mahindra & Mahindra, organized a lecture for farmers to create awareness about current market scenario, avoiding middleman to gain maximum output for their produce, informing them about ways to maintain the quality of crops and pricing strategy with special reference to e-CHOUPAL

SHIKSHA: September 2012
‘Shiksha drive’ was undertaken in the slum areas for creating awareness about ‘Child Education’. Students also collected waste materials and e-waste and generated funds which is given to the poor parents for the education of their child.

Beach Clean Drive: September 2012
With the objective to spread awareness about clean environment, students organized ‘Cleanliness Drive’ at the Girgaon, Chowpati soon after Ganpati Visarjan. Their initiative was supported by SPROUTS, an NGO. Students also cleaned the Aksa Beach, Malad and helped people realize the correct method of disposing the waste in proper garbage bins and keeping the environment clean.

Blood Donation Camp: October 2012
The Social Responsibility Cell of TIMSR has been organizing Blood Donation & Thalassaemia Minor Screening Camp since 2006, in association with Meenatai Thackeray Blood Bank every year. Skits were organized by the members highlighting the importance of blood donation and AIDS awareness followed by a doctor’s session regarding the importance of health and hygiene.

Visit to various Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Disabled Home: October 2012 
With an objective of spreading a smile and to contribute in some ways, we planned visits across various Orphanages, Old Age Homes and Disabled Homes like Swagat, Shantidaan, Ankur, Daya Vihar and Dr. Himanshu Desai’s old age home.

Visit to Dreamz Home: October 2012
An event that continued for 2 months aimed towards providing the children at ‘Dreamz Home’ with basic necessities such as clothes, soaps, stationery, snacks, etc. Our students also took the initiative to teach the children some basics of computers with their practical applications, grammar and maths on all Saturdays and Sundays over a period of two months.

The Medicine Drive: October 2012
With the objective of making basic medicine available to all students collected the free medicine samples from the chemists and provided them to the NGOs’ at Borivali and Kandivali.

The ZERO Death Drive: October 2012
With the objective of creating awareness among the commuters about the hazards of crossing the railway track, our students organized a ‘ZERO Death Drive’ to inform people about the dangers of crossing the railway track with the help of banners.

PLANTATION:  October  2012
Students undertook tree plantation activity at Dev Bhag, Samta Nagar police station and planted 100 saplings. They also distributed 1000 free saplings to people in TIMSR, to promote tree plantation.

SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to All Animals) is an organization that looks after the animals that are left by their owners because of health issues or stray animals that get infected. The main objective of this activity was to create awareness in the society about the responsibility towards animals. The students raised funds from the people in their locality and spread awareness to care animals. Students also trained the less literate staff in recording day to day activities, made promotion page on face book in the name of SPCA and taught them various ways to raise funds from society.

VISIT TO A SCHOOL: October 2012
Session on ‘hygiene’ was conducted for students in Ashmira English Medium School in Andheri along with quiz, fun activities and drawing competition. Our students interacted with the school kids about their future prospects and aspirations.

The funds raised through various activities were utilized in donating sewing machines to widows to provide them a source of income for them and their families.