Life Skills required in 21st Century for Social Success and Wellbeing   

          In light of the VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) environment owing to disruptive technologies & with increased digitization we are increasingly witnessing a clear shift in the economic landscape globally on 21st Apr. 2017. In response to we choose to stay relevant and initiate quick actions by introducing few innovations in our program nurturing a new genre of (CONSCIOUS) leaders to lead in the VUCA world as mere accumulation of knowledge & degree will not be sufficient in the VUCA environment. Requirement of effective leadership in a time of VUCA will be to work on one’s BEING ie to being authentic and tapping into one’s EMOTION & INTUITION as the guiding light from within. The 1st year students went through a special session on " What is not taught in B Schools" emphasizing the importance of Inside out leadership & 4 important topics enabling them to have a broader perspective of the VUCA world and carefully planting a seed in them to fine tune their preparedness as a ( conscious ) leader. The topics chosen were Mindful Communication, Mindful Eating, MBA approach towards MBA & Happiness is the latest productivity. How Mindful eating leads to higher productivity? How Mindful communication is an essential skill set in the VUCA world? Why Fortune 500 companies are embracing Mindfulness & Conscious Capitalism in a significant manner? Why an MBA (Mindful Based Achievement) approach towards MBA the way forward in the 21st century digital era? Why happiness is the latest productivity metrics in corporates?

          The session was conducted by Mr Munish Khanna, a Consciousness Business Coach, ex Director- Jones Lang La Salle (JLL) & The Phoenix Mills Ltd with over 17 years of work experience in retail, telecom, real estate & banking. It was an energetic & engaging session provoking lots of empowering questions to be addressed and dealt with before one moves onto the VUCA world as a (conscious) leader.