Strategic partnerships and Alliances with leading foreign Universities/Institutions in order to provide world class education and global career opportunities for the students of TIMSR in required areas.

The objectives are:

    • 1. Global Immersion Program.
    • 2. Student Exchange.
    • 3. Faculty Exchange.
    • 4. Learning Resource Exchange.
    • 5. Joint Research Initiatives.

Why International Study programs are a must in the 21st century than ever before?

At TIMSR, we look at internationalization as no more a luxury, however a NECESSITY. We all know that we are living in a global world with unprecedented opportunities and challenges for which we need a global perspective for us to employ (relevant) strategies and tools to deal with.

We are of firm belief, Businesses that will succeed in the Present & Future will be the ones led by leaders having a clarity in perception arising from a global perspective beyond any race, culture, identity or country and have a strong understanding of a participatory universe in which all operate in. We are committed to develop students who are more of a global citizenry equipped with an ability to think global in all the disciplines they pursue so they can be most effective when they leave TIMSR.

This requires us to take a deep look at our curriculum across all areas of study to ensure they reflect the scope of international innovation and knowledge. Here, at TIMSR, we have integrated international exchange into our curriculum in a strategic manner. Our collaborations embraces the idea that great masterpieces cannot be produced in a vacuum. They are built upon interactions – the sharing of ideas, philosophies, science, humanities, and the arts. Real Value Creation in the 21st century shall be fundamentally collaborative. Hence, it is paramount to design learning experiences that are engaging, immersive and relevant to a fast paced technologically- advanced world.

International experiences are not just beneficial for career development or for adding something to a resume at TIMSR, we strong believe that they CHANGE YOU.

The overall objectives are:

    • 1. Learning in a different culture and place allows us to see our own challenges in sharp contrast, and with more clarity.

    • 2. Most individuals have specific patterns of developing interpersonal relationships that are so engrained within them, that they are not even aware of their existence. Global exposure allows students to come to the realization that their relationship patterns do not always work within other cultures.

    • 3. Simply being immersed within another culture and bias for an extended period of time allows our students to more clearly see their own.

    • 4. It provides a global lens and dynamic exposure to new ideas about international business.

    The recent worldwide recession did heighten the need for global perspectives, however that’s not where the value of a global education ends. Other social and economic problems demand broadly based solutions. What businesses are facing today are all global issues, so solutions are not going to come locally; they’re going to come from some form of global thinking. It is an established truth now that businesses are running globally.

    The world needs to be a new learning ground or a laboratory for gaining new insights.

    What we cannot do is sit in a corner and say,

    ‘I’m going to build a wall and what happens elsewhere is not going to affect me.’

    Global Immersion Programs is where the opportunities & insights lie for us to discover.

International Partners