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  • TIMSR with world-class infrastructure, fully equipped Library, Computer Labs, over all it is a great campus.  I would rate it as one of the best in the city.  Studying with extremely talented and diverse classmates has always been fun.

    -Mr. Raju Soni
    MHRDM (Batch 2013-2016)
    Lead-Recruitment (India & UK), Mastek Limited.
  • TIMSR equips one with all the relevant skills to be a successful HR professional in the global industry.

    -Mr. Hemant Rane
    MHRDM (Batch 2013-16)
    Asst.Manager-Administration, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
  • TIMSR has helped me to enhance my knowledge and broaden my spectrum of imagination and creativity.   Extremely talented members of faculty helped me to gain industry knowledge with the help of case studies and practical applications.

    -Mr. Sachin Satose
    MFM (Batch 2013-16)
    Manager, JP Morgan
  • TIMSR has been shaping student’s career since more than a decade and knows exactly what it takes to transform a focused and determined learner to a dominant professional.  It is the Professor’s generosity and intellectual proficiency that have rooted my talent to face any challenge in the world of business.

    -Mr. Jagdish Mehta
    MIM (Batch 2013-16)
    Dy. GM – Global Service Delivery, Netmagic IT Service Pvt. Ltd.
  • Insights into current best industry practices, a focus on individual’s personality development, a team-based approach to assignments are essential in today’s business environment; all these made my MFM Program at TIMSR a truly stimulating experience. TIMSR provides a deep understanding of the classic and new disciplines of business management, preparing you to walk into any business or function and add value.

    -Ms.Isha Bagaria
    MFM (Batch 2013-16)
    Asst. Manager, Citi Corp.
  • As an engineer, I was dealing only in a technical manner. But in today’s world every professional should see things with Business perspective also, while formulating strategies or taking important business decision. I added this dimension to my vision while pursuing my MBA from TIMSR.

    -Mr. Milind Gurav
    MHRDM (Batch 2012-15)
    Manager, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. (Tractor Div.).
  • TIMSR provides high quality education with help of highly qualified professors. It not only moulds a student but brings out the best hidden talent. If you are a timsrite you definitely have a bright future.

    -Ms. Rachna Shah
    PGDM (Batch 2013-15) 
    HR Manager, Manas Paints & Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.
  • Doing a Part time programme of TIMSR is the best thing that I have done in my academic career. It did not only widen my perspective but also gave in-depth academic knowledge of the business world. I have personally benefitted immensely in advancement of my career by using the knowledge gained during this programme. TIMSR, for me is a place where one can grow in an overall manner. Everything about it is just learning perfectionism. The presence in the premier institute inculcated a sense of leadership, self-independence, and responsibility. Excellent infrastructure, supportive faculty & staff are its assets. 
    The life inside the campus is something you would love to be a part of it.

    -Ms. Sanika Kadam 
    MHRDM (Batch 2011-14)
    Deputy Manager, Axis Bank.
  • My Experience, I had during these three years while pursuing MHRDM degree,

    • Knowledgeable & caring faculty
    • Learning was more participative than mere lecturing
    • Good ambience in terms of classroom layout & facilities
    • Well maintained library with latest text books and reading material.
    -Mr. Shivram Iyer 
    MHRDM (Batch 2011-14)
    Senior Manager, Sales Force Effectiveness - Novartis.
  • TIMSR has not only helped me in developing the perfect instinct but also has helped in making myself more presentable. I was never a diamond with brilliance, but yes, these 3 years gave me some brilliant cuts. I thank all those cuts for helping me in building a stronger and a much positive attitude towards life. I was never so talented, but as I look back and see, I think, I have a lot to mention in my cards and it is enough to say that I was presented with ample opportunities and their usage was entirely in my control.

    -Mr. Virendra Dolas
    MHRDM (Batch 2011-14)
    Manager, Mfg Divn., AFS Sector - Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
  • The best MBA institute is that, which transforms potential of an individual. TIMSR being best in its teaching methods provides students with a good academic foundation; wherein students can gain abundant knowledge and greater skill level to reach their fullest potential with broader perspectives which implies to become successful individual on personal and professional front.

    -Mr. Amar Patil 
    MFM (Batch 2011-14)
    DGM- Head of Department, Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd.
  • Whenever I am making new strides in my career, I always remember my institute with gratitude, the kind of exposure I got from TIMSR is phenomenal. TIMSR gave a platform to explore my creativity & develop entrepreneurial skills. I am very grateful to the faculty and the placement team for making me aware of my true strengths and making me believe that only weakness an individual has is his attitude. Today when I look back, I’m highly obliged to this institute for transforming me and making me empowered to face the challenges of the business world. Indeed, TIMSR is one of the best things that have happened to me.

    -Mr.Javed Shaikh
    PGDM (Batch 2011-13)
    Manager – Marketing, Travstore Travel Management Company.


  • Two reasons for doing this MMM Program 1) Career Growth 2) Investment and Multiplication of my personal wealth. In TIMSR we have a blend of faculties and industry experts imparting us application based education. The Part Time MBA program at TIMSR has helped me to achieve both my goals, not only I have received appraisal in my organization but also the concepts learned by me at TIMSR has helped me immensely in multiplication of my wealth
    My course teaches the techniques and business methods used in the real corporate world and the teaching faculty is very knowledgeable. We also have advanced facilities to work with like well-stocked libraries and well-equipped computer Laboratories.
    A beautiful infrastructure and campus, lecturers with interesting insights into current, best industry practice and academic thinking, a focus on individual personal development, a team-based approach to assignments so essential in business today  and multiple company projects offering the immediate opportunity to apply academic learning; all of these made the TIMSR MMM program a truly stimulating experience, and a very worthwhile investment in terms of both personal and professional development.

    -Mr. Gaurang Gohil 
    MMM (Batch 2010-13)
    Head International Business- Sol Mobiles Pvt. Ltd.
  • The MMS course at Thakur Institute of Management Studies and Research (TIMSR) is a milestone in my career. The intensity and rigor of the programme prepares you for high pressure situations, complex problem solving and work-life balancing that you can use in your approach to all challenges in your working life. I am very grateful for the very valuable training and placement assistance provided to me by TIMSR.

    -Ms. Rashmi Patil 
    MMS (Batch 2010-12)
    Manager, HDFC Bank.
  • At TIMSR, I learnt how to utilize my skills, how to convert weaknesses into strengths and they completely polished me with their training. My mentors and professors at TIMSR showed me a proper path to walk upon. And today, I am a complete professional, polished with the talent and skills.

    -Ms. Hiral Kothari
    PGDM (Batch 2010-12)
    Monster India, Accounts Manager.
  • Studying in this institute has been a like a journey enriched with knowledge and learning

    -Ms. Sampada Modey 
    PGDM (Batch 2010-12)
    Senior Accountant, 99 Acres.
  • One of the proudest moment of life to come back as a Mentor to the students who were undergoing the course MMS and PGDM. I had this opportunity to share my work experience and sectorial knowledge with the students. I also gave them tips to understand what the students need to polish before sitting for a campus interview? The work place wisdom gained by me came handy to coach the students for this purpose. We took their personal interviews and also their group discussion on current corporate topics. This is a wise step taken by the Institute to give us an opportunity to become their Mentors in the training programme.

    -Mr. Ramdas Naidu 
    MMM (Batch 2009-12)
    AVP,Distress Asset Specialist- Pvt. Ltd.
  • TIMSR has been the most successfully running programmes that deliver the most effective outcome. We believed in it & I trust that it can make an individual reach the next level of competencies...

    -Mr. Hunar Kathuria 
    MIM (Batch 2009-12)
    Deputy Manager, Projects- Future Retail.
  • I sincerely appreciate the flexibility of teaching and customized guidance that the institute provided each of us. I was able to strengthen my positive qualities and do away with the negative ones. I am extremely grateful to faculty members and the training and placement team for the guidance and support that has been given to me throughout my preparation in terms of being employable and a valuable resource to my organization. 
    I gained my specialization in Marketing and a life time degree in self confidence. TIMSR ingrained in me the ability to meet the challenges in life head-on.

    -Mr. Sanket Nayak  
    PGDM (Batch 2010-12)
    Manager Mobile Marketing, Coupon Dunia (Times Internet).
  • A Student can excel if he/she is given the right mentoring at an early stage. All don't have equal talent but all should have an equal opportunity to develop their talent. It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of this great institution. I owe my thanks to all the faculty members and my teachers who have guided me to follow the right path and have always supported me in every sphere of my life. It is an honor for me to complete my MFM from such a renowned institution. This institution provides invaluable and impeccable knowledge to its students.

    For me learning is the most incredible event that happened to me during my TIMSR journey. This institution has helped me in grooming my overall personality.
    -Ms. Lalita Sherlekar 
    MFM (Batch 2009-12)
    Equity Research Analyst, Siddesh Capital Market Services.
  • Studying in TIMSR has been the most wonderful experience in my academic life. Surrounded by faculties who come from industry and with a sound academic background, TIMSR gave me the opportunity to dig deeper into my passion which is advertising. 

    -Ms. Raisa Rele 
    PGDM (Batch 2009-11)
    Marketing Manager, Canara Rebeco.
  • My experience at TIMSR has been a truly enriching one. During my journey at TIMSR, I especially appreciated being taught by faculties with vast industry experience which equipped us to confront real situations in our professional careers. TIMSR offers a great environment not only for one’s own personal growth but also to develop interpersonal skills which is most important for one's professional career. Most importantly the extracurricular activities organised by TIMSR gives its students the opportunity to explore their true potential beyond academics. The two years that I spent here has left me with memories that I will cherish for a life time.


    -Ms. Priyanka Prabhu 
    PGDM (Batch 2009-11)
    Zycus Ltd. Senior Manager.
  • Studying in TIMSR has been the most wonderful experience in my academic life. Surrounded by faculties who come from industry and with a sound academic background, TIMSR gave me the opportunity to dig deeper into my passion which is advertising. 

    -Ms. Raisa Rele 
    PGDM (Batch 2009-11)
    Marketing Manager, Canara Rebeco.
  • From classroom to boardroom, TIMSR has given new dimension to our personality. What differentiates us from others is the unique competitive edge which we have acquired by interacting with renowned experts & Business Executives who visit our campus regularly. TIMSR has been a potter’s wheel where right from the faculty, the staff and the seniors have joined their hands together to mould us in the best possible manner.

    -Ms. Saloni Sharma & Ms. Shipra Mishra 
    MMS (Batch 2008 -10) 
    Aranca Research, Manager & Deputy Manager International Business, Reliance Mutual Fund.

  • My association with TIMSR while doing MFM during 2007-10 was very productive as I got plenty of opportunity to learn a lot from seasoned faculties, academicians and industry professionals. I consider TIMSR as one of the best place for doing management studies for industry professionals. I am still connected to TIMSR and could see significant improvement in last few years.

    Dr Vivek Pandey 
    MFM (Batch 2007-10)
    Chief Operating Officer, AG Technologies Pvt. Limited, India.
  • Since I am pursuing PGDM course from TIMSR Institute, I am able to showcase or project myself as a management professional in the field of Finance. It has helped me to develop my personality. This programme has also helped me to achieve different personality traits such as good presentation, financial skills and leadership traits which are necessary for a successful Manager.


    -Mr.Saurabh Shah
    PGDM (Batch 2007-09)
    Manager, Arvaa Crossborder Pvt.
  • TIMSR, is a boon to me as it is a pleasure to be here and gain insights into the dynamics of management issues and the way they are intertwined. Thanks to our experienced and highly motivated faculty, the training here is practice oriented and provides a solid base in management. The greatest thing about being here is the multicultural, multidisciplinary environment with people from various industries coming together to share their knowledge and experience. TIMSR has prepared me in the best possible way to find sensible answers to the complex questions we are confronted with in the corporate world.

    -Mr.Shreyas Panot 
    PGDM (Batch 2007-09)
    Manager HR, Times of India Conferences.
  • Students are given a chance to showcase their innovations, abilities to multitask and taught how to live together and work together for a collective motive. The institution has given students like me a platform to bring out the talent within me and I would always be grateful to this institution for making me what I am today.

    -Mr. Nirav Parekh 
    PGDM (Batch 2007-09)
    Assistant Vice President, Axis Bank.
  • TIMSR –Five letters that stands for Talent, Intelligence, Management, Systematization and Responsibility. This institute helps individuals to inculcate interpersonal skills which imbibe confidence and the required attitude to sustain in this competitive world. Apart from education, it also provides exposure to various management related activities by organizing various intra & inter college events.

    -Mr.Deepak Katudia 
    PGDM (Batch 2007-09)
    Director, Modis Nirman.
  • The two years experience at TIMSR is beyond description. I am sure words will fall short to describe it. This institute has imbibed in us so much that we all going to remember it for our lifetime. The faculty, staff and every individual attached to this institute has really contributed immensely to polish us and make us what we are today! The two years here were like a roller coaster ride. At times some exams tension, Presentation burdens, or at times moments full of enthusiasm and great zeal….Today I feel everything was WORTH it!

    -Ms.Prachi Baid 
    PGDM (Batch 2007-09)
    Manager, Times of India – Education Times.
  • The three years in TIMSR bought a complete overhaul in my personality and helped me grow both personally and professionally. It was an honor and privilege for me to study in such a distinguished institute. The best thing about TIMSR was the presence of camaraderie between batch mates as well as the teachers. Here you not only acquire knowledge in different domains but also get a lot of opportunities to learn from people in the industry through Knowledge sharing sessions or through extra-curricular activities.

    -Mr. Kedarnath Sawant 
    MMM (Batch 2005-08)
    Deputy General Manager- Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
  • When I turn back, I find 2005 to 2008 was a green patch of my entire life. I learnt a lot, 32 streams of management, taking new challenges/roles with confidence, taking calculated risks and immense sense of team work with different teams of varied skills & competencies I learnt a lot from books, magazines, Internet, professors, lecturers, college staff and also from my peers from different industries.

    The entire course boosted my confidence and increased my capability to take up newer and bigger roles in my professional career. It helped me in climbing the corporate ladder efficiently and effectively.
    -Ms. Kalpana Jha 
    MIM (Batch 2005-08)
    Senior Manager (Quality Assurance and Information Security) - Teradata India Pvt. Ltd.
  • My learning at TIMSR has allowed me to focus all my energy & intellect on identifying my growth opportunities. It gave me exposure to new platforms & also helped me to come along & analyse a whole set of business issues.

    -Ms. Sneha Bohra 
    MMS (Batch 2005-07)
    Senior Manager, Reliance Infrastructure Limited.
  • Not only have I learned how to relate, communicate, participate, & overcome weaknesses, but also to have confidence in myself, to lead & to ensure teamwork. My personal growth is truly attributed to the caring & educational environment of TIMSR.

    -Mr. Rahul Jain 
    MMS (Batch 2004-06)
    Manager, Siyarams Industries.
  • Being the first batch TIMSrite is an everlasting moment of pride for me. With best of the infrastructure, management's vision, dedicated 'gurus' and knowledge thirsty 'shishyas' and deeply involved alumni team TIMSR is slated to conquer new heights. All the best.

    -Mr. Prashant Mankame 
    MFM (Batch 2003-06)
    G. M. Operations- Hyva India.
  • Studying in TIMSR was a mesmerizing experience!! Enrolling in TIMSR's Part time MBA program was a valuable investment for me. In addition to broadening my perspective on business management, it has helped me grow both professionally and personally. The faculty and staff clearly go to great lengths to make their students' environment comfortable and well-equipped to focus on learning. From reputed professors to fellow students, all aspects of the programme made my learning experience the best possible. In my opinion this testimonial gives me an immense opportunity to accept that I spent my 3 years of part time college life in great luxury and triumph.

    -Mr. Mahesh Dalvi 
    MMM (Batch 2003-06)
    Senior Manager, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.
  • The part time learning has broadened our perspective of looking towards more application oriented Andragogy. TIMSR has quenched our thirst of knowledge. The Alumni Mentorship Programme which is a good coaching ground for us to rethink and reshape our careers for a different sphere. The faculty gives personal counseling and extended necessary help for all of us.

    -Mr. Manjunath Gowda 
    MMM (Batch 2003-06)
    Asst. Manger, SBI General Insurance.