Thakur Institute of Management Studies and Research (TIMSR) Thakur Institute of Management Studies and Research (TIMSR)


Thakur Institute of management Studies conducted its 5 days mega fest from January 18-22, 2017. Like every year, the fest was based on a theme echoing the social and political sentiment of the context- and aptly, this year it was about “ Digitalization’. The bouquet of activities kick-started with the management event ‘Evoke’ comprising 13 disparate segments to tickle the thought process, challenge the manager and evoke the leader within.

‘Astitava’ helped participants give wings to their ideas by sound-boarding them off seasoned entrepreneurs.

‘Lakshya’ inspired everyone to think sustainable and act responsible by showcasing their social responsibility endeavours.

‘Pulse’ true to its name, was no game, only sport impelling everyone to display ace sportsmanship in indoor and outdoor sporting events. It ranged from waging a battle of wits through chess to battle of grit through cricket and tug-of-war.

‘Ekatvam’ spread the spirit of oneness through a cultural mélange of nimble acrobatic displays, fashion shows, singing contests and shaking a leg to tune of the DJ.

And finally, the festivities concluded with the TIMSRities rekindling the past associations through alumni meet ‘Konnect’ bringing under one roof the industry veterans, the academicians and the international partners joining hands towards the fruition of their common goals. The event was a great crowd-pleaser pulling in more than 3,000 participants from across the country.